Paralegal Services


Paralegal Services - Hammond Osborne Lawyers and MediatorsLicensed paralegal services are provided by Emily Dalton with lawyer supervision.

The paralegal services include:

  • Small Claims – Civil Disputes
    • Claims not involving family law or criminal issues, in which the value of the claim is $25,000 or less, are determined in the Small Claims Court.
  • Landlord and Tenant Matters
    • This Board determines disputes between landlords and also their tenants, for example
      • nonpayment of rent,
      • disturbance,
      • damages,
      • eviction,
      • failure to provide services,
      • improper efforts to evict and regain possession.
  • Provincial Offences Court
    • This Court determines traffic charges and a variety of other offences under provincial statutes
      • Municipal Bylaw
      • Natural Resources, etc.
  • Ontario Court of Justice
    • This Court has jurisdiction over minor (summary conviction) offences. This is where the maximum sentence period is six months and the maximum fine is $5,000.
  • Social Benefits Tribunal
    • The Social Benefits Tribunal hears appeals from people who have been denied social assistance
  • Miscellaneous
    • Service of legal documents, assistance with the preparation, signing and filing of forms.