Family Law

Family Law - Hammond Osborne Lawyers and Mediators

Family Law deals with many issues arising from a separation of married or common law couples.
Such issues include:

  • Creating a parenting plan,
  • Determination of child and spousal support, and
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Common law claims
  • Restraining orders

The options for resolving such issues include negotiation of Separation Agreements, either in family mediation or with the assistance of lawyers. Where a negotiated settlement is not possible, parties have to consider an Application to a Court for determination of their issues.

People involved with a separation often face the most difficult time in their lives. At Hammond Osborne we will give you competent and even handed advice as to your rights and obligations. So that you can consider your options and make the right choices.

Our lawyers provide effective and competent representation in the negotiation and/or litigation of Family Law issues.

Family Mediation is often a less costly alternative to going to court and can solve many issues quickly and with less stress.


Separation Agreements

Most people, confronted with a failed relationship, want a fair settlement reached quickly and at reasonable cost.

A Separation Agreement is a private written contract which settles the issues which follow separation. Normally these issues include a parenting arrangement for children, child and spousal support and equalization or division of assets and debts.

Each party should have independent legal advice and each should make full financial disclosure as part of the agreement process. In this way the parties will have a binding agreement which will allow them to go forward in their lives, confident that all issues have been settled.


Domestic Contracts

A domestic contract is a written agreement between persons who are cohabiting, or, married or who intend to enter into one of these relationships. These agreements allow couples to decide in advance what their rights and obligations will be during their relationship. Especially in the event of its breakdown or if one of them dies.

Such agreements are useful, especially for second or subsequent relationships, for persons who wish to have a clear understanding as to:

  • who will pay the expenses during the relationship
  • whether or not either will have to support the other after separation or death
  • how assets will be divided after separation or death

Contested Applications

We have extensive experience representing clients in family Court proceedings. In particular involving disputes about parenting arrangements, child and spousal support and division of assets.