Getting Started

The first step to initiating mediation is to call us. We will work with you to bring resolution to your conflicts quickly, calmly and with less cost than other alternatives. The end result is a fair and binding separation agreement.

We will answer any questions you might have and help guide you through the steps that will bring you and your spouse together for controlled discussions about the important issues and decisions you face when separating.

Your privacy is important to us; any contact will be kept confidential.


The Hammond Osborne law firm has its office in the Boardwalk Building in Brockville, Ontario.  Our office provides an appropriate and private setting for family mediation.

Alternatively, to suit the convenience of the parties, the family mediation sessions can be arranged to take place in Kingston, Kemptville or Ottawa.

Skype Mediation

Parties can participate from home or office from anywhere that Skype service is available. Skype mediation can be more efficient even than face to face mediation because no travel is required and appointments for mediation sessions are easily arranged.

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