“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Rob, and the Hammond/Osborne firm for the considerate and professional treatment I received while attending to my brothers affairs. As I told Rob during our discussions, my brother was adamant that all business concerning his affairs was to be conducted through your firm and I totally understand why. It is a arduous task at best to look after someone’s affairs and having someone to clarify the issues and sort through the pitfalls for you is invaluable.” -A.B.

“Robert Hammond demonstrated his experience and sound legal advice in family law in my custody case. He was realistic about what was achievable in court and had a firm gaze on the best interests of my child. He is timely in his documentation and was very fair in his billing. In my opinion, you could not do any better than to have Robert Hammond as your representative in family court.” -T.B.

“Family court matters are challenging no matter the circumstances. Finding the right legal counsel goes a long way in helping people through these challenging times.  Robert Hammond was compassionate to my case but realistic in establishing expectations on the possible outcome of the case. He was a strong advocate for the children involved. He came to my case late and with his seasoned experience and comprehension of  family law he was able to turn my case around effortlessly. He tirelessly pushed for the best possible outcome and every action made was in the best interests of the children. With his guidance and assistance we were able to come to a settlement agreement without having to go through a trial. I would recommend Robert Hammond to be a representative for anyone who is trying to navigate through the family court system.” – A.R.